About us

What do we offer?

Handicraft log houses – houses, saunas, wood sheds and much more

Handcraft furniture and interior design elements

About us:

Blokhut OÜ is a family company with the necessary production equipment and it offers various log buildings, furniture and interior design elements. We manufacture our products for both domestic and foreign markets. Our specialty is that we produce and design log houses (houses, saunas, wood shed and much more) and furniture exactly for our client’s taste and exact preferences.

Handcrafted log house has the advantage of uniqueness and good thermal insulation. In addition, the log house provides a warm and a cozy feeling. In our production we use onlyEstonian logs.

We also produce custom-madefurniture.

We prefer to communicate with our clients without intermediaries – it ensures accurate communication and the client gets 100% exactly what they want!

Why choose us?

– We also use over sized logs that our competitors don’t use

– We don’t produce mass production

– Personal communication with the client

– We don’t use intermediaries, direct communication with the client ensures as accurate information exchange as possible

– Designing the project according to the client’s preferences

– For log houses we offer a turnkey solution

– We have the possibility to make a smaller log building for a multi-lift frame that can be easily moved from point A to point B, that does not require a building permit or notification

– We also deliver buildings to abroad and put it together on the spot

– Unique furniture, two identical products cannot be made

– We also produce ”ordinary furniture” according to the picture sent by the customer

– We also do renovation works of log houses

– Extension of log houses (eg extension of a terrace of an existing house)


Blokhut OÜ

Contact us : +372 5670 7431